Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer 2010 Recap

For about a week now I've been thinking to myself "School starts soon, I really need to write an end of summer blog." But I haven't been able to convince myself to do it until now, because writing this blog is a strong reminder that the only thing standing inbetween me and my Junior year right now is one weekend. That's it. So here I go, here's my blog.

This Summer has seriously been the best one I've ever had. Not only because of all the Buffalo Wild Wing visits, Stargazing at Jenna and I's favorite park, Heart to Hearts in the lazy river at the Andover YMCA, Crazy Car rides, Trips downtown, the TP war, Hiding out in Jenna's tree and attacking the boys with nerf guns, Challenge and YoungLives trips, and everything in between, but also because of the 2 lessons God decided to teach me.
The First hit me on the first day of Challenge Conference 2010. The lesson was about how to truly follow Christ we have to surrender EVERYTHING to him. Right as the speaker said those words I knew exactly what part of my life I wasn't giving up. The area of my life I was holding onto was boys. This isn't to say that I felt the need to always have a boyfriend, because I didn't. I've only ever dated one person. But I did always have a guy there who I could talk to and would text me nice things all the time. While that seems innocent it was really sucking away the time I spent with God. The ironic thing is, I had lost a close guy friend right before I left for Challenge. At the time I was confused and it sucked, but now I look back on it and see that it was a blessing in disguise. God was showing me that I don't need a boy to keep me company, or tell me nice things that they don't even mean. Why would I need that when the creator of the universe thinks I'm freakin awesome??? It took me the first half of High School so far to realize, and I'm glad that I can live my second half without wasting my time on relationships like that.
Secondly, I have learned who my true friends are. It has taken me a while to figure out, and the results have surprised me. Some that I was super close too when Summer started are either long gone or so far away it's almost as if we never even new each other. And while that's sad, I'm focusing on the ones that have stuck with me through everything.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this the best summer of my life. Thank you to God who created all those people and has blessed me abundantly. I'm going to miss Summer, but I've got all the amazing memories to hold onto, and a new school year to make a difference in. Watch out Heights, I'm a Junior now, and I'm ready to carry the gospel all the way from A hall to E hall :)