Monday, July 20, 2009

Best week of my life!

This Saturday evening I got home from the mission trip, also known as BUMP. We stayed and worked with Jubilee Community Church in the inner-city of St.Louis. On the trip I met many amazing people from the church and the neighborhood. I also grew in my walk with Christ. I even got to lead a girl to the Lord! But Hey, Since they say pictures are worth a thousand words- i'll put some up and let them do the talking!

Shonnday and I with her very first bible! She is the girl I got to lead to christ! :)

Emilie and I!

Geniece and me! I FREAKING MISS HER!

Sarah,Jenna,Jordan,Me,Andrea and Zach! With Razon and Kauilwnee in the middle.

Jenna,Me,Andrea,Zach,and Jordan infront of the Arch.

Sarah,Hannah,Jenna,Me,Andrea,Gracie and Geniece at the Arch! We went there on our free day.

Jeremy and James at the Block party

Natalie and Sarah

Kauilwnee and Zach

Kauilwnee and I!

Alena, Me, and Gracie at the Block Party we held the first night!

Andrea, Me, and Jenna at the Block Party!

The church!

Keren,Hannah,Me,Jenna,Gracie,Sarah,and Andrea just lounging around!

Those are only some of the many pictures I took, If you want to see more go to my facebook!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Doin' Da BUMP!

This Saturday I'm leaving for a week long mission trip known as BUMP. It stands for Bridging Urban Ministries Program. We're going to be running a VBS in St.Louis and doing service projects there as well. While I am excited for the week and to serve God and lead kids to Christ, I have to say It's going to be a hard week. There are certain everyday things I really take for granted that I won't be able to have that week. Such as, sleeping in my own warm bed, taking a long shower everyday whenever I want, Having my cellphone, being able to talk to my wonderful boyfriend every day, being able to wear whatever I want, doing whatever I want all day,taking mid-day naps, watching my favorite shows, spending time with family and friends I will leave behind, and much more. I'm very excited for this week and for all that will happen for God's Kingdom while we're there. I'm going to miss Alex so so much! I still can't beleive I won't be able to talk to him for a whole week, or see him. I know this week will be hard for me, and everyone else going on the trip. So if you're reading this, please pray that we will come with a Servants Heart, and that we will be able to concentrate and not miss our loved ones at home, TOO much. Missing them a little is healthy, right?