Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My head knows, but my heart doesn't.

I've always known that God could take my life, or anyone else's life away in the blink of an eye. But that fact wasn't real to me at all until Yuna died. I remember being in AWANA with her and Hana as third graders. Always laughing, and having a good time. Once we got to middle school we weren't really close friends anymore because they were in the IB program and I wasn't. But I will never forget how they changed the lives of the people they were close friends with because they were so sweet. I'd like to dedicate this post to Yuna, and Hana who is recovering. My heart breaks when I think of Hana learning that her twin sister, her best friend, is dead. I myself haven't even processed it yet; and I don't think anyone else has either. I'd like to ask anyone who's reading this to please, PLEASE pray for Hana and her recovery, for the whole Choi family, for their friends who are having to learn to move on, and for Yuna, her mother, and brother, as they are finally home with their heavenly father.
As a closing note, I'm going to post the lyrics to the song "Dancing with the Angels" by Monk and Neagle. They are great and have helped me through the deaths of family members.

Memories surround me
but sadness has found me
I'd do anything for more time
Never before has someone meant more
and I can't get you out of my mind.
There is so much that I don't understand
but I know

You're dancing with the angels
walking in new life
You're dancing with the angels
heaven fills your eyes
Now that you're dancing with the angels

You had love for your family
love for all people
love for the father and son
your heart will be heard
through your unspoken words
through generations to come
there is so much that I don't understand
but I know

You're dancing with the angels
walking in new life
You're dancing with the angels
heaven fills your eyes
Now that you're dancing with the angels

We're only here for such a short time
so I'm gonna stand up
shout out
sing hallelujah
One day I'll see you again
And you'll be dancing with the angels

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A friend loves at all times - Proverbs 17:17

Alena Lynn Logan-
We've been friends literaly since she was born- which would make it fourteen years now! We have so many memories like watching Zoom while eating Schwann Man ice cream on the Barney Bean bag chair, Stepping on Pay-Doh and then eating it, Making our Barbies go to College, Going to Colorado and Texas together, and much more. We have the kind of friendship where no matter how long we're apart things are right where we left off when we hang out next. Things are never awkward and honestly she's the closest thing I have to a sister. I enjoy every single moment I get to spend with her, and I see so many fruits of the spirit exemplified in her life. Even though we are 2 grades apart, she will always and forever be my best friend ! (:

Hannah Kaylene Yowell!
Us two sure know how to have a good time, but we also know when to be serious. Whenever I need someone to pray for me I know exactly who to ask! Hannah is one of those people who is always loving and caring, even if she is hurting herself. I love how her nostrils flair when she laughs, how we can talk about absolutely anything and it not be awkward, and how our relationship has gone from strictly having fun to a Godly Friendship. She's been there to pray with me, laugh with me, act absolutely insane with  me, and cry with me. Our friendship means the world to me and I will miss her so much when she goes off to college. But I just know that Hannah and I will be best friends for the rest of our lives. I love you Hannie!

Jenna Lynn McCollum!
I remember when I met you way back in Elementary school. You were the girl with the American Flag print swim suit and the obnoxious laugh. As I watched you dive into the pool at one of the Logan's pool parties I never would have guessed that you'd end up being one of my very closest friends. We know absolutely everything about each other, and we are practicaly neighbors so we get to hang out a lot. We always have a great time together, and I'm pleased to see that our friendship is becoming more and more Christ Like each and every day. I love ya Flava J!

Sarah Mishelle Huyett!!!
We bonded while playing with the Wizard of Oz set as young lasses. We both love 80's movies, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and have the same shopping tactics. We always have a good time wether we're just lounging around or actually out doing something. Sarah always has my back and I'll always have hers. She's one of those friends who you can tell anything to and she won't judge you. We're able to be acting completely insane with eachother one second, and be praying together the next second. I can't wait to see how our friend ship growns more and more through time. I love you Sar Bear!!

Andrea "Andi" Moyer!
I've known her for quite a long time but we just recently became best friends. We have lots of fun together and have the same view points on a lot of things. We both love Wichita State, and are growing in our relationships with God. She's one of the nicest people I've ever met, hands down! I can't wait to see how our friendship will grow more and more through time. I love you Andi!

I'm also thankful for all my other friends who aren't listed here. :) You guys mean a lot to me.