Sunday, June 28, 2009

God is Good

I'm not too sure what inspired me to start blogging...and I'm not too sure if i'll be good at it- but I guess we'll find out! So let's begin with what's been going on with me lately....

Saturday I got the priveledge of going to Worlds of Fun with some of my very favorite people! (Incase you were wondering, it really was a WORLD of fun--they did a great job in choosing that name for the theme park!) I had been looking forward to going all Summer- and once we finally got there I was so excited, and happy. The day went by pretty quickly since we were having so much fun, and It's just now hitting me that that awesome experience is now done and over with.... I think thats how it goes with many things in life. We look forward to something SO much, and we have a great time with it, but before we know it it's over- and we have to find the next exciting thing to look forward too. But luckily we have God to look too- who is always exciting and will always be there!